Easy Bees is an environmentally conscious beekeeping company owned and operated by Travis Owen in Medford, Oregon. This company strives to use the best available science and environmentally sustainable beekeeping practices to deliver a variety of hive products and services.
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Apis mellifera, honey bees, are probably known best for their honey. Honey bees (genus Apis) are unique among bees, most of which live solitary lives and do not produce honey. Easy Bees produces wildflower honey from the Southern Oregon region. Comb honey is available seasonally in limited quantities.

Queen Stock

Easy Bees is engaged in a breeding program with the vision of incorporating mite resistant traits from several promising queen lines around the country as well as locally adapted Oregon stock. Mite resistant strains including certified Russians, Purdue mite biters, Minnesota hygenic, and overwintered Alaskan queen genetics will be trialed and incorporated with local queen stock and tested regularly for mite resistance. Top performing queens (low mite counts, good vigor, honey production, overwintering, et cetera) will be further propagated and poor performing queens will be culled and replaced with superior daughters from top performing breeders.


Nucleus colonies will be available in spring in both 5-frame deep nucs and a limited quantity of 4-frame western nucs. All queens will be bred from top performing breeder stock.


Easy Bees will be available to rent hives to farms for the pollination of their seed or fruit crops. A contract, written to protect both parties, will require responsible pest management practices while hives are on the farm. For instance, while many fungicides are thought to be benign to honey bees, they may prove to be lethal to bee larvae (Alarcón 2009). Additionally, the miticide amitraz (the main ingredient in Taktic and Apivar) will not be used in Easy Bees hives due to the potential for toxic synergies to form with plant-applied pesticides (Johnson RM 2013).


Travis Owen (owner) will be available for hive consultations for beekeepers of any skill level. Additionally, let Easy Bees help you with your gardening needs! Do you know what to plant to attract bees in your garden? We do.

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